The Courtesan Duchess
The Courtesan Duchess
Wicked Deceptions Series #1
Kensington - March 31, 2015

This month's In The Spotlight cover has a beautiful blue gown and a story inside with tremendous possibilities. Julia, the Duchess of Colton, was married at sixteen but the groom left her behind without consumating their marriage. What does an abandoned Duchess do when she's ignored for eight years? She endures the slight until mounting debt calls for drastic measures.

What is her plan? It's a crazy one complete with courtesan lessons and a trip to Vienna disguised as a courtesan. When she locates her husband, she will bed him and then become pregnant with an heir. If she's successful, all of her problems will be solved. What happens to the Duchess, her errant groom, and her best laid plans? Find out in The Courtesan Duchess

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