The Legend of Lyon Redmond
The Legend of Lyon Redmond
Pennyroyal Green Series ~ Book 11
Cover Design: Tom Egner
Avon - September 29, 2015

October's In The Spotlight is The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long. Two things are necessary for ITS covers at Cover Cafe. First, there must be a great cover and then there must be great reviews for the romance inside.

This month's ITS is the final release in the Pennyroyal Green Series. This cover captured my heart because it portrays the joyful abandon the heroine feels at that moment. There is passion and I love how the cover designer used the gown to show the rush of movement. When the heroine leaps into the hero's arms, I can feel the immense joy of the couple and want to know their story. Plus, everyone knows I love gorgeous red gowns on covers.

The final installment deals with the reunion of a couple introduced in the first book, eldest son Lyon Redmond and Olivia Eversea. It's the tale of two wealthy families who detest each other. There is also a curse. Once every generaton, a Redmond and an Eversea will fall in love but it won't be a positive experience.

Lyon Redmond disappears for several years leaving his lady love, Olivia Eversea behind. The popular rumor is that Olivia broke Lyon's heart but is that what really happened? Olivia finally accepts a proposal and when Lyon learns of it, he returns. Will there be a second chance for the two star-crossed lovers? The reviews have been great and for fans of the series and new readers, the book promises to deliver.

Yes, there are 11 releases in this series. See a jpg of all of them here: Pennyroyal Green Series 1-11

Visit Julie Anne Long's website for more author and book details.

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